We are extremely glad to welcome you on this wiki. However, when editing, we would appreciate it if you can edit appropiately. Please read before editing.

Rules of Editing:Edit

The rules of editing must be followed at all times. If the rules are broken, we will alert on you on your message wall. You must reply within a week, and we will alert you again if you don't. You have 48 hours to reply to the warning, and if you don't reply or are still doing the same thing, we will block you.

These rules include:

No spamming/vandalism. This includes hacking and doing silly edits to earn badges. If you are correcting grammar or some spelling mistake/s please click 'Minor Edit' in the top right corner.

No rudeness and insult. Minor offences will get you blocked for a week, but for racism we will block you for a minimum of 6 months. Note that insulting comments will be found and we will NOT give you a warning but block you immediately.

No nonsense into pages.

You must be 13 or OVER to edit this wiki. If we uncover you, you will be blocked until you have your 18th birthday.

Please ask me or another admin for assistance.

Have fun!